And We’re Off!

Welcome to the Creston Valley Volunteer Bank!

Want to volunteer? Need some volunteers? This is where you can start.

Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing some tools on the webpage to allow for online registration for both people who want to volunteer and those agencies, groups or events that require volunteers.

We will also be launching some exciting new ventures such as the Banked Hours Competition, and the Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP).

For now, we have a quick survey that we’re asking people to take, to try and gauge interest in the Creston community. Please click here to take the survey.

Watch for more content and opportunities in the days and weeks to come, and thank you for your interest!


5 comments on And We’re Off!

  1. Wonderful. Thank you for getting this show on the road. I know there are a lot of organisations, groups, events and people who will benefit from this.

  2. What a great service for this community! I look forward to working with CVVB and to seeing it grow throughout this vibrant town.

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