About C V V B

The Creston Valley Volunteer Bank is your “one-stop shopping” source for all things related to volunteerism.

Our generous volunteer population are the lifeblood of the Creston Valley. We want to ensure that everyone’s gifts are doing the most good that they can, that their volunteer experience is rewarding, and that their amazing contributions to the community are recognized

All of the Volunteer Bank programs, services and resources are FREE to non-profit and/or charitable organizations, and to the volunteers that fuel them. We serve the entire Creston Valley region, Yahk to Riondel.

Do you want to donate your time somewhere, but you’re not sure what you want to get involved with? 

Your time is precious, and whatever your skills may be, they are always valuable. The core function of the Volunteer Bank is to match people with the desire to donate their time to opportunities that are best suited to their skills, talents and knowledge.

Register as a Volunteer

Once you’ve given us your basic information, indicated what your areas of interest are, and tell us all about your unique self, we will start working to match you up with a volunteer job that fits your gifts.

Maybe you are already working somewhere (or several somewheres!) and you’d like to make your volunteer experience more rewarding? Registered volunteers are welcome to the programs, services and resources at the Volunteer Bank – free of charge!

Are you in need of volunteers for your organization, group or event? 

In order to create the best fit for our volunteers, the Volunteer Bank registers the organizations, groups and events that require help, as well. We use our web page, Facebook, Email call outs and local media to maximize the exposure that needs in our community will get.

Does your organization, group or event already have volunteers?

Our organization has been operating successfully for years; we have plenty of volunteers and we don’t really know how a Volunteer Bank would be relevant to us.

Firstly, we’d love to hear: what’s your secret?!

Volunteer-driven organizations and projects are unique, and the people working behind the scenes are special. Understanding what motivates your people, why they put their hearts into what they do, and how to show your gratitude for their efforts is key to the ongoing success of any organization. Don’t your volunteers deserve the best?

There are plenty of ways to enhance their experience as volunteers, and improve your organization’s volunteer management skills. Could you use some help with improving your organizational skills, scheduling practices or communications? Maybe your volunteers would enjoy more recognition, being part of the Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP) or participating in workshops and activities that make them feel valued and appreciated? Maybe you’d like to coordinate with another group or organization with similar interests on a project or event?

The Volunteer Bank has a lot to offer, including:

  • Program planning, implementation & evaluation
  • Recruitment, orientation & training of volunteers
  • Assistance with volunteer coordination & administrative needs
  • Incentives, motivation & recognition programs or events
  • Opportunities for personal growth or professional development
  • Networking & collaboration with other programs, services and events


volunteeringThere’s no question: volunteers are valuable.

 The lifeblood of our community deserve the best – and our volunteer-driven organizations deserve the best, too.

Our goal is to make volunteerism the most rewarding experience that it can be for everyone involved!